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Cambodian Academic Institutions

American Intercon School: http://www.ais.edu.kh/
ECOLE FRANÇAISE DE SIEM REAP: http://www.ecolefr-siemreap.org/
English Language Training Institute: http://www.elt.edu.kh/
International Cambodian-American School: http://www.camusa.org/
International School of Phnom Penh: http://www.ispp.edu.kh/
The Khmer School of Languages: http://www.cambcomm.org.uk/ksl/
National Institute of Business: http://www.nib.edu.kh/
Northbridge Communities International Schools Quality Home: http://www.northbridgecommunities.com/
Private Higher Education Institutions: http://www.moeys.gov.kh/en/about_moeys/private_hedu.htm#
Public Higher Education Institutions: http://www.moeys.gov.kh/en/about_moeys/public_hedu.htm
Zaman International School: http://www.zamanisc.org/

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