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"Film descriptions drawn from various internet sources or written/translated by Justin McDaniel or Rattana Yeang."

13 Beloved (2006)
A 2006 Thai psychological thriller and black comedy directed by Chukiat Sakveerakul and starring Krissada Sukosol Clapp . The story, about a man who is led through progressively challenging, degrading and dangerous stunts by mysterious callers from an underground reality game show , is adapted from the 13th Quiz Show episode in the My Mania comic-book series by Eakasit Thairaat. It was the second feature-length film for Chukiat, who previously directed the 2004 horror film , Pisaj .

999-9999 (2002)
A young woman who was given the nickname Rainbow is a new transfer student to an international school in Phuket from Chiang Mai . She joins a clique led by Sun, and Rainbow's new friends are curious about the mysterious, violent death that took place in her old school.

According to Rainbow, the victim, just before his death, had received a call on his cell phone from the number 999-9999, in which recipients are supposed to have their wishes fulfilled.

One by one, Rainbow's new friends try to call the number and die, until Rainbow is the only one left.

a.k.a. Don Bonus
After escaping the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the Ny family became one of thousands of refugees faced with resettlement in the U.S. Their lives unfold through the lens of this stirring video diary. As 18-year-old Sokly Ny (Don Bonus) struggles to graduate from high school, his family is harassed in the housing projects, his eldest brother cannot fill a dead father's shoes and his youngest brother ends up in a youth prison. Sokly shares these experiences, his personal feelings and his hopes as the year progresses. Ultimately, "a.k.a. Don Bonus" becomes a story of triumph and survival from the perspective of one of America's newest arrivals.

After the War: A Family Album
Short film consits of photographs and film clips from the time of the Vietnam War to the present and interviews with Hmong community members now living in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The film also includes interviews with several Hmong teenagers.

Ahingsa-Jikko mee gam (2005)
Ahingsa is a young man who's haunted by his karma , which takes the form of a mysterious red-haired man who dishes out abuse when Ahingsa runs afoul of morality . When Ahingsa was a young boy, a shaman had the mysterious man removed, but the man returns when Ahingsa is a young man and starts taking drugs and getting involved in rave culture . Ahingsa's behavior soon causes trouble for his friends, Ukhoht and Einstein, and a female physician, Dr. Pattaya.

Ai-Fak (2004)
A young man, Fak, is a revered novice Buddhist monk, and the entire village has turned out to the local temple to hear him preach a sermon. Fak's talk is interrupted a coughing fit by his widower father, though, and Fak struggles to maintain his focus. Fak then decides he must put aside his aspirations for monkhood to take care of his father. Then he is conscripted by lottery into the army . He hopes that when he completes his national service, he will return to the village, be ordained as a monk and devote his life to religion.

The Adventure of Iron Pussy (2003)
A 2003 Thai musical - action - comedy film written and directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Michael Shaowanasai and starring Shaowanasai as the main protagonist a transvestite Thai secret agent whose alter ego is a gay male 7-Eleven clerk. A homage and parody of the 1970s Thai action films, musicals and melodramas, particularly those that starred Mitr Chaibancha and Petchara Chaowarat , the movie premiered at the 2003 Tokyo International Film Festival and has also played at the Berlin Film Festival , the International Film Festival Rotterdam and other festivals. It is a cult film and has screened at several gay and lesbian film festivals as well.

The Adventure of Sudsakorn (1979)
Sudsakorn , the son of a mermaid and a minstrel prince, fights on different occasions, an elephant, shark, and dragon horse, and encounters in his meanderings a king, a hermit, a yogi, a magic wand, and ghosts.

Pim was born as a twin , conjoined at the stomach with her sister, Ploy. The twins had an operation to separate them, but one did not survive. Now living in South Korea, Pim receives a phone call from Thailand that her mother has had a stroke. Pim must return to Thailand and her childhood home, where memories of Ploy come back to haunt her and become frighteningly real.

The Angry Skies
As this traumatized country finally prepares for the setting up of an international tribunal to try those responsible for genocide committed under Pol Pot's regime, Kerr traces and interviews survivors of the S21 torture center, many of whom still fear for their lives. Traveling deep into the country's dark hinterland, Kerr attempts to meet the last remaining architects of the Khmer Rouge regime, many of whom continue to exercise enormous power and influence. The film uncovers revelations ranging from US influence in the Khmer Rouge's rise to power as a result of the Nixon Administration's carpet-bombing strategies to the chain of command that resulted in the killing of Scottish academic Malcolm Caldwell and the true identity of the man who killed three western backpackers in 1994.

Angulimala (2003)
Born a Brahmin , Ahimsaka is studying under a guru when he sees a woman named Nantha attempting to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff. He saves her, but later learns that Nantha was intended to be the bride of his teacher.

The teacher, angered by Ahimsaka's attention to his wife-to-be, tells his student that the only way he will attain enlightenment is to kill 1,000 people. This sets Ahimsaka off on a life as a highwayman , and at first he seeks to kill only bandits and other evildoers. To keep track of his victims, he takes a finger from the right hand of each, and wears the fingers around his neck, thus earning him the name Angulimala , "the wearer of a garland of fingers." He struggles to find 1,000 victims, so he resorts to killing all who cross his path. Nantha, wanting to stop the killing, tries to kill Ahimsaka, but only succeeds in killing herself.

Eventually, he meets the Buddha himself, who tells Ahimsaka of his wrongful ways and convinces the killer that he can redeem himself by becoming a Buddhist monk.

Animal Appetites
Animal appetites is a wry look at the 1989 Long Beach trial of two Cambodian immigrants charged with killing a dog for food. With over 99 million cattle and 5.7 billion chickens consumed per year in the US, this humorous video poses the question, "Why all the fuss over one dog?" The story follows their trial on animal cruelty charges and examines the law prohibiting consumption of pets, passed as a result of the case.

Art of the Devil 2 (2005)
A sequel in name only to a 2004 film ( Khon len khong ), Art of the Devil 2 is about a teacher, portrayed by Napakpapha Nakprasitte , who has a cruel prank played on her by some students. She then turns to black magic to exact revenge.

Bang Rajan (2000)
The Burmese army is seeking to invade Ayutthaya , the capital of Siam . Seeking to block the invasion is a small band of villagers in Bang Rajan . The forces are at first led by Nai Taen, who is injured in an early battle. The villagers then turn to an outsider, Nai Chan Nuad Kheo, a moustachioed, veteran warrior. He brings along a handful of other men, who with the remaining men and women of Bang Rajan vow to put up a fight. They use all their resources to prepare the village for a siege, including melting down all available metal farming implements into a crudely constructed cannon . Lacking horses, the village drunkard, Nai Thongmen, mounts an old water buffalo and rides the draft animal into battle.

Bangkok Haunted (2001)
Legend of the Drum- An antiques dealer discovers that a dancer 's vengeful spirit possesses an old drum in her shop.

Black Magic Woman- To attract lovers, a lonely young woman is given an aphrodisiac perfume extracted from corpses, with unpleasant consequences for her sex partners.

Revenge- A police cadet searches for the truth behind a girl's suicide by hanging .

Bangkok Dangerous (1999)
Kong is a deaf gunman, an assassin for hire who can neither hear his gunshots nor the people pleading with him not to kill them. He receives his assignments through Aom, a hostess at a Bangkok go-go bar .

Kong lost his hearing when he was a child. Because of his disability, he was taunted by other children, and he grew up into an angry young man.

At a target range, he found he had a special aptitude for target shooting when he pictured the faces of the boys that taunted him in the target. His deafness gives him an edge in shooting, as he doesn't react to the gunshots and can better hold his attention on his target. He eventually gets a job as a janitor at the range.

Bangkok Loco (2004)
Bay is a talented young rock drummer in Thailand in the 1970s. One day he is practicing on his drum set in his apartment and is in a trance , but he suddenly notices that everything is covered in blood and that his drumsticks are actually knives. Apparently, he has killed his landlady, Mrs. Victoria. Panicked, he runs out his door, through the streets and alleys to his friend, Ton, who is also a drummer and is in a band called The PC with Meow and Ooh. Despite Bay's circuitous flight to Ton's apartment, she only lives next door to him.

Bangkok Love Story (2007)

A 2007 Thai film written and directed by Poj Arnon . A gay romantic crime action drama, it is the story of a man who falls in love with a gunman who is assigned to kill him.

BBC Television Clips on Thailand's "Bloody May" (1992)
(45 min) This videotape is a compilation of more than 12 news reports by the British Broadcasting Corporation on the violence in Bangkok in May of 1992, the worst political violence in Thailand in 20 years. The news reports include extensive footage of protestors and military police action, but also include interviews with analysts, academics and others for perspectives on political, economic and social context. Narrated in English. Picture quality varies.

Beautiful Boxer (2004)
A 2003 Thai biographical - drama - sports film by Singapore -based director Ekachai Uekrongtham . It tells the life story of Nong Thoom , a famous kathoey (male-to-female transgendered person), Muay Thai fighter, actress and model. She was portrayed by male kickboxer Asanee Suwan .

Becoming American: A Film
Follows a Hmong refugee family from northern Laos awaiting resettlement in a remote refugee camp in northern Thailand, from the time its members learn of their acceptance as immigrants, to the time they are settled in Seattle, Washington.

Behind the Smile
Illustrates the living conditions of young female factory workers in Bangkok, who come to work in the city at a very young age to help support their families in the poorer rural areas of the country.

Beyond the Killing Fields
Beyond the killing fields is an eyewitness account of cultural genocide of Cambodian refugees living in the limbo of a squalid prison camp.

Black Silk (1961)
Seni, a club owner, is under pressure by a rival, Wan, to pay an outstanding loan. Upon hearing that he has a long-lost brother named Sema, Seni sends his loyal lieutenants, Tom and Pon, to visit Sema, only to find that Sema has died. Seni decides that he can use the situation to his advantage, and buries Sema's body in a forest.

Seni and Tom orchestrate the death of Wan, by setting fire to Wan's car, pushing it off a cliff and framing Wan's assistant Sin, also dead, for the murder. Seni then assumes the identity of his dead brother, free and clear of debts and Wan's meddling.

Tom, meanwhile, has fallen in love with Phrae, a widowed mother who has worn black silk since her husband died two years before. Seni sees Phrae as a threat to his scheme and orders Tom to stop seeing her. Wan further plots to use Tom to psychologically manipulate Phrae.

Phrae then leaves Tom, shaves her head and enters a Buddhist temple. Tom tries to stand up to his boss, with disastrous consequences.

Blackbirds at Bangpleng (1994)
A village in rural Thailand is celebrating Loy Krathong , when the festivities are disrupted by the descent of a spaceship. Ray beams are fired from the craft and all the village's women find they are suddenly pregnant. That very day, they give birth, their offspring aliens. The children have the power to kill with just their stare, and they have an insatiable appetite for raw meat.

Blissfully Yours (2002)
Roong longs for the day when she can be in the arms of her Burmese lover, Min, an illegal immigrant. She pays Orn, an older woman to take care of Min while she looks for a place for them to share their happiness.

The story begins on a Saturday afternoon when they take Min to see the doctor for his mysterious skin problem. The doctor prescribes some more medication. But Orn is not satisfied and decides to make her own medication. She stops to buy some ingredients at the market on the way to her husband’s office. With her ingredients, Orn invents a miracle cream for Min.

Later that afternoon, Min takes Roong to have a picnic in the jungle where they feel free to express their love. Meanwhile, Orn has also gone to the jungle with Tommy, her husband’s co-worker. With him, she has found all the pleasure she has dreamed of. They are suddenly interrupted by a Burmese immigrant who steals their motorcycle. Tommy chases after the thief and disappears. Orn wanders around lost until she reaches the stream where she meets Roong and Min. Above the forest, the sky is about to rain.

Blue Collar and Buddah: A Documentary
Documents public opinion and reactions in Rockford, Illinois after immigration of Laotian refugees. Documents Laotian refugees' special problems in adjustment to life in U.S., with emphasis on religious belief and practice.

Body (2007)

A Thai horror - thriller film . It is produced by GTH , the same production company that made the hit Thai horror film, Shutter . Body is directed by Paween Purijitpanya and co-written by Chukiat Sakweerakul , who had previously directed the thriller, 13 Beloved .

Body has parallels to an actual murder case in Thailand, in which a physician was convicted and given the death penalty in the dismemberment of his estranged wife.

Among the cast is Arak Amornsupasiri, who plays the main protagonist Chon. Arak is the singer in the Thai rock band, Slur.

The Bodyguard (2004)
After a shootout with dozens of assassins, Wong Kom, bodyguard to Chot Petchpantakarn, the wealthiest man in Asia, finds his subject killed.

Chaichol, the son and heir to the family fortune, fires the bodyguard and takes it upon himself to find the killers. He's then ambushed, and the rest of the bodyguard team is wiped out. Chaichol, however comes out of it alive, and finds himself in a Bangkok slum, living with a volunteer car-accident rescue squad and falling in love with tomboyish Pok.

Meanwhile, Wong Kom is working to clear his name, and stay ahead of the chief villain and his bumbling gang of henchmen.

The Bodyguard 2 (2007)
Khamlao is a secret agent for the country of Wongnaileum, which shares the common Isan dialect and culture with its neighboring country, Thailand (similar to Laos ). He is dispatched to Bangkok on a secret mission to track down some terrorists. To do so, he goes undercover as a luk thung singer working for a record label that serves as a front company for dealers in weapons of mass destruction. As he probes deep inside the record company, he finds that the company's executive secretary is actually a CIA agent, assigned to the same mission. Meanwhile, Khamlao's wife, Keaw, discovers that Khamlao had lied to her about his job in Thailand.

Body Jumper/Porb Wheed Sayong (2001)
2000 A.D. A Thai entrails-hungry ghost, haunts Sam Kotr, a small village in Roi Et Province. One by one, the men in the village fall victim to her insatiable appetite. An eerie silence grips the fear stricken village as no one dares venture from their homes late at night. Banding together, the villagers bring in an excorcist to rid them of Pob’s wrath.

As a new school year begins, a student club volunteers to aid rural development project in Roi Et province. Its members include Kom, Fah, Wu, Ger, Isabella, Pim, Krating, and Nidnoi. Upon arrival in Sam Kotr, they’re struck by a sense of unease stemming from the eerie silence. They spend their days working in the village and relax at a waterfall when evening arrives. Unbeknownst to them, Pop’s hunger has been stirred.

She possesses Ger and travels back to Bangkok with the other students. For a short while, she’s enthralled and engrossed by the bright lights of Bangkok. But soon enough she searches for new victims. Ger turns on her sex appeal to seduce one man after another. As the man returns pale and jaundiced, his friends become concerned and pursue their nagging doubts to discover his liver missing.

So the hunt for Pop begins.

Borne in a War: A Real Personal Story
This semi-autobiography traces the maker's birth on a secret CIA military base in the hills of Laos to his anti-war college years during the Persian Gulf War. Mixing archival footage, family photographs and dramatization -- Thoj looks at how his life life has been controlled and his identity shaped by the war born -- and finally links his personal history to Hmong history under French colonialism and during the American wars in Laos.

Buppah Rahtree (2003)

Buppah Rahtree is a loner female student at a Bangkok university who becomes the object of a wager by a group of male students to see if she can be bedded. Ake, the son of a wealthy family, takes the bet and courts young Buppah. She resists him at first, but one day sees him feeding pigeons in a park and goes to talk to him. She remarks that in her next life she hopes to become a bird , so she could fly away. Noting his BMW convertible parked nearby, she goes on to say that if she had a way, she would fly away right now. So Ake takes Buppah for a ride down the highway. They continue to have a relationship, which culminates in a three-day weekend at Bang Saen , during which Ake has sex with her and stays in bed with her the whole time.

Buppah Rahtree Phase 2: Rahtree Returns (2005)
The vengeful female ghost , Rahtree, continues to inhabit apartment 609. She shares the room with her ghost boyfriend, Ake, who has been left legless by Rahtree after his transgressions in the first film. A blind woman named Thip rents a neighboring apartment. She is due for an eye operation, but the doctor treating her tries to rape her. He is stopped by Rahtree. Meanwhile, a comic foursome of bank robbers have entered Rahtree's apartment and are using it as a hideout.

Butterfliews and Flowers (1985)
Euthana Mukdasnit's renowned film about young teenagers in Southern Thailand leaving the security of their school to encounter the challenges posed by finding employment in a largely undeveloped rural community, where many other young people face the same challenges, with limited guidance.

For more information: http://www.arts.monash.edu.au/mai/films/butterflies.html

Butterfly Man (2002)
Adam, an English backpacker , breaks up with his girlfriend after he finds her in bed with another man in a guesthouse on Khaosan Road in Bangkok . Adam then strikes out on his own, heading for Ko Samui . There, he meets Em, a young masseuse . At first, their relationship is innocent, but Adam soon grows frustrated and starts hitting the bars and becoming a sex tourist , or " butterfly man", flitting from woman to woman. Meanwhile, the ugly side of Samui starts to reveal itself, with a white slavery and prostitution ring, run by British mafia exposed.

Cambodia: The Betrayal
The investigative team of David Munro and John Pilger uncover the tragedy of the holocaust which has taken place in Cambodia at the hands of the Khmer Rouge.

Candles for New Years
(28.5 min.) Video featuring anthropologist and ethnographer Jacquette Hill narrating a look at a group in Northern Thailand and their New Years preparation and celebration. The village in which Hill works is north of Chiang Mai, where the group works in migrant farming. The narrative discusses farm economy, relation of group to mainstream Thai society, and preparation for the New Year. High quality photography. Produced by Earlham College, Richmond, Ind.

Chai Lai (2006)
The five "Chai Lais" are tasked with foiling a kidnapping and keeping a mysterious, powerful "Pearl of the Andaman" out of the hands of a crime syndicate.

Citizen Dog (2004)
A 2004 Thai romantic drama film directed by Wisit Sasanatieng. Hilarious, beautiful & touching film about urban & rural life, Thai ecological movement, contemporary Thai life.

Coat of Many Countries
The clothes we wear today are the remarkable coming together of goods and services from all over the world. By following the evolution of a suit, we glimpse the practical application of the new global economy.

Colic: The Movie (2006)
Prae and Pong are young couple enjoying their lives and careers. Prae works as a graphic artist, while her boyfriend, Pong, directs television commercials. One day, Prae collapses at work, and it turns out she is pregnant. At first Prae is worried that Pong will not accept the baby, but he surprises her with a marriage proposal. The couple settles into a home. The adjustment is difficult, as Prae must quit her job and soon becomes bored, while Pan works overtime to make up for the lost income.

Then the baby, Pan, is born. He cries constantly, adding to the tension felt by the new parents. A doctor says the baby simply has colic , and that after about six months, things will settle down. But the crying continues. Prae, because she spends most of her time with baby, notices strange things happening and becomes convinced that sinister forces are making the baby unhappy.

Country Hotel (1957)
Noi runs a rural bar and guesthouse called the Paradise Hotel. He tends bar and arm wrestles any challengers. The hotel, which has only one room, already has a guest, a man named Chana.

Chana is annoyed that the hotel plays host to various musical groups, including a man who sings European opera, another man who practices the trombone, a Peking opera troupe, a Filipina ballad singer and a brass band that accompanies two bare-knuckles boxers.

A young woman named Riam arrives and attempts to check in, only to be told that the one room is already occupied.

The reasons for Chana's stay at the hotel are mysterious, and Riam is equally enigmatic, stating her age at 65 years old, saying she has a dozen children and is an opium trader.

In reality, it appears that both Chana and Riam are on the run from the mafia, whose men come calling in search of some missing money they believe Chana or Riam have in their possession.

Dancing Through Death: The Monkey, Magic & Madness of Cambodia
This is the story of Thavro Phim, who came of age under the Pol Pot regime and lost his father, brother, and grandfather to the Khmer Rouge. What kept him whole after the ordeal was his Buddhist faith and dedication to Cambodian classical dance where he performs the role of Hanuman, the magical white monkey. We follow Thavro from California to the Kingdom of Cambodia, a country still in turmoil, for a bittersweet reunion with his family and teachers.

Dang Bireley's and Young Gangsters (1999)
Dang, the son of a prostitute , growing up in 1950s Thailand, compensates for his inferiority complex by boosting up his ego. At the age of 13, he killed a man who was beating his mother. By age 16, he had dropped out of school and started his own protection racket . With his right-hand man Lam Sing, Dang is high protective of Piak, and is also friends with Pu Bottle Bomb and Pu's sidekick Dum.

Dark Heaven (1958)
A poor orphan girl, Nien, is on the run after stealing some food that a wealthy man had purchased to feed some dogs. She takes refuge with a singing garbage collector named Choo, who hides Nien in his garbage cart while the wealthy man and a policeman search for the girl.

Choo then takes Nien back to his humble shack and gives her shelter. The pair fall in love, but their romance is cut short when he is drafted into the army and sent off to war. For a time, Nien takes over Choo's job as garbage collector, until she is adopted by a wealthy woman, who treats Nien as the daughter she never had.

Choo comes back from the war, blinded by an explosion, Nien, while experiencing unimagined luxuries, is tortured by the conflict between her newfound wealthy lifestyle and her simple life with Choo.

Death of a Shaman
Examines how Fahm's Mien immigrant family suffered through a 20-year ordeal of poverty, racism, religions, drugs, jail and the murder of a family member. It is a chronicle of a darker side of the pursuit of the American dream that affected many of the 40,000 Mien who came from the mountains of Southeast Asia to America.

Dek hor (2006)
In Thailand, the young Ton Chatree is sent to a boarding school by his father to study harder and have less entertainment with television. Once in the school, Ton feels outcast and misses his family and friends. He becomes scared with the ghost stories his new schoolmates tell about a boy that died in the swimming pool and a young pregnant woman that committed suicide. He becomes a close friend of the also lonely boy Vichien, and later Ton realizes that Vichien is the boy that drowned in the swimming pool, and his death repeats every night. Ton tries to find a way to help his friend to rest in peace.

Les Derniers Jours Du Colonel Savath
In this drama about the fall of Phnom Penh in 1973, the Cambodian military abdicates its authority in a dangerous alliance with the Khmer Rouge against King Samdech Sihanouk.

Down With Us
Drama about a high school student from a Hmong immigrant community in America and his growing participation with a gang, the gang's methods of initiation and indoctrination, his involvement in crimes, and his eventual arrest.

Dynamite Warrior (2006)
The story is set in 1890s Siam . [1] Jone Bang Fai (the Fireball Bandit) is a young Muay Thai warrior and rocketry expert who steals back water buffalo taken from poor Isan farmers by unscrupulous cattle raiders . He is also searching for a man with a tattoo who killed his parents.

Meanwhile, a local nobleman, Lord Waeng, wants to create a market for the steam tractors he's selling. So he hires a hulking convict, "The Thief", to kill all the cattle traders and round up all the water buffalo for slaughter, depriving farmers of the draft animals they need to cultivate rice . Lord Waeng's men are eventually pitted against Nai Hoi Sing, a cattle trader with supernatural martial arts powers and a tattoo on his chest. The tattoo gets Jone Bang Fai's attention, and while the Thief is trying to steal Sing's cattle herd, Jone Bang Fai tries to attack Sing, but is repelled.

Lord Waeng then enlists Jone Bang Fai in a scheme to defeat Sing. To do so, they also need the help of the Black Wizard , who was once cursed by Sing so that he cannot withstand sunlight. The Black Wizard says the only way to defeat Sing and reverse his spells is to use the menstrual blood of a virgin the Black Wizard's daughter, E'Sao.

The Eye (2002)
A young woman who has been blind since the age of two. She undergoes a corneal transplant and is pleased to discover that she can see once again. However, because she has essentially lived her entire life in the dark, her eyes need time to properly focus on distant objects, while her brain must essentially re-learn how to interpret the new flood of visual signals that it receives.

But within a few hours of having the bandages removed, it is clear that something is wrong. Mun begins to see odd shadows in her blurry field of vision that turn out to be the spirits of the recently departed. Of course, nobody believes what she is experiencing is real, including her eye doctor and psychotherapist. Too traumatized by the horrors she has seen and in fear for her life, Mun gradually retreats back into the comfort of darkness.

The Eye 2 (2004)
Believing she is being rejected by her boyfriend Sam ( Jesdaporn Pholdee ), Joey ( Shu Qi ) attempts suicide with sleeping pills, but recovers after having her stomach pumped. When she looks forward to a brand new life, she discovers that she is pregnant. Being tortured by the thought of an abortion and unable to contact Sam, the man she knows is her baby's father, Joey finds herself becoming delusional and emotionally unstable. She is frequently threatened by the sudden presence of strangers, and also feels stalked by a mysterious ghost woman. She believes the ghost wants to hurt her unborn baby. As the story unfolds, it is discovered that the woman is a ghost awaiting the baby's birth so that she may be reincarnated within Joey's baby. But after discovering the identity of the ghost woman, Joey would rather kill herself and her baby than let this woman become her child.

An experimental video about a group of Cambodian women who are histerically blind because of the 'eye-searing' horrors of war.

Fake (2003)
Be, Po, and Sung are young friends who have different living styles. Be is upset with both his work and love life – but the latter seems to have most influence on him. After his lover left all he does is sit and wait for her return. So Po and Sung send him ten ways of how to cure a broken heart. Po, a playboy surrounded by girls, began to question the difference between sex and love. One day, he meets a girl who he thinks is right for him; will he be right for her? Sung is always hungry for love and for a job – he’s just unsure of what kind, although he’s prepared to try anything. One day, a job leads him to Paveena, his part-time employer. Sung is confident that she is his ideal girl. However he fail like every time before?

Fan Chan (2003)
Jeab, a young man working in Bangkok , receives word that his best friend from childhood, Noi-Naa is to be married. While driving back to his hometown, the memories of his friendship with her come flooding back, and their story is told in a flashback .

February (2003)
A 2003 Thai romance - drama film, written and directed by Yuthlert Sippapak . The involves a young Thai woman with a terminal illness who goes to New York City to live her final months, is hit by a car and then develops amnesia , forgetting that she's in need of medical care.

Final Score (2007))
The film focuses on Suwikrom "Per" Amaranon, a middle class Thai student in his senior year at Suankularb School in Bangkok , and his three friends, Big Show, Lung and Boat. They are depicted as average students, not especially studious but are still obedient of their parents and are hopeful of their prospects for getting into a university in Thailand .

The film follows the boys through one year, from May 2005 to May 2006. Documentarian Soraya Nagasuwan is never heard asking the boys questions, simply letting her camera crew follow the boys through their days at school, at home with their families or enjoying time off school while on a visit to the beach and attending a rock music festival.

In order to qualify for admission to a university faculty, students must take standardized tests . In Thailand these tests are the O-Net/A-Net exams. Minimum scores are needed in order to be admitted to certain universities and university faculties .

Coincidentally, the February 2006 exams that the boys took were hit with a scandal after the results were incorrectly reported. Approximately 300,000 students were affected by error, with many puzzled over receiving test results when they had not even taken the tests.

The boys weather the pressure of taking the exams and the erroneous reporting of the scores, however, and ultimately win their choice of disciplines and universities.

Fivestar Production (1973)
Established in 1973, Five Star Production Company Limited is one of Thailand’s oldest and most famous production and distribution houses. Along the years, Five Star Production has developed, founding the first Motion Picture Studio in Thailand in 1979, expanding its activities to TV programs production and producing drama series between 1992 and 1998, even creating a Variety Show aiming at discovering new talents and that has launched the careers of dozen of Thailand’s famous actors and actresses. Five Star has recently created a new division, Stadio, a full-service provider for film marketing already reputed for the quality and qualification of its staff.

For more information: http://www.fivestarent.com/index.asp

The Flute Player
Nearly thirty years ago, Pol Pot overtook Cambodia and over one million perished in the Khmer Rouge's brutal "killing fields." Many others were forced into unspeakable acts in order to survive. Arn Chorn Pond is one of these survivors. Now, after living in the United States for 20 years, Arn is a musician and activist, travelling the country and giving lectures on human rights. He is also on a mission to reconcile the demons of his past.
“The Flute Player” chronicles his return to Cambodia, where he has begun a master musician project to revive the traditional music that was lost under the Khmer Rouge. A complex and moving film, it reveals the history and tradition lost to Arn's generation and the search for healing and forgiveness in a country wounded by war.
Website: http://www.thefluteplayer.net/

From Angkor to America
Narrates the history of a community-based arts project, presents historical antecedents and religious basis for Cambodian classical dance and music, and shows the new functions within American culture.

Fun Bar Karaoke (1997)
Pu is a young woman who is having some bad dreams. Her father, meanwhile, has fallen in love with a karaoke bar hostess girl named Yok who's the girlfriend of a mobster. A hitman named Noi is then dispatched to kill the father, and Pu ends up falling in love with Noi.

Ghost of Mae Nak (2005)
In modern Bangkok, the life of groom Mak is disturbed, after having successive nightmares with a ghost woman, Mae Nak , an ancient Thai legend. He meets his beloved fiancée Nak to acquire an antique brooch and an old abandoned house in Phra Khanong with the unscrupulous real state agent Angel and they decide to buy the property.

After their wedding, two small-time thieves break into the house and steal their gifts and other objects. When Mak sees the criminals on the streets of Bangkok selling his goods, he chases the burglars and they run their van over Mak, who falls into a deep coma . The ghost Mae Nak protects the young couple against Angel and the burglars, but in return she holds the soul of Mak.

Nak finds the remains of Mae Nak in an ancient cemetery, and with some monks, they exorcise Mae Nak from Mak using the ancient brooch and release her spirit.

Ghost Station (2007)
Udd and Yai are a gay couple who love cowboy movies and move from the city to a rural area to have a more intimate, rustic setting for their relationship. They buy an abandoned filling station and look to settle down. Udd then finds that Yai is having an affair with Tangmo, a local woman who has a lesbian lover, Jenny. Neither Yai nor Tangmo are aware of either of their sexual histories, but Udd discovers the affair and plans murder out of revenge. However, none of them know that their gas station already has some scary spirits.

The Good Woman of Bangkok (1991)
Disturbing and controversial docu-fictional look at the life of a prostitute; link to film reviews from Libraries catalog entry for this film. 82 minutes DCL 031. What’s controversial about this film is that the movie maker had a close relationship (the nature of which is never made clear) with the sex worker whom he films – thus opening him to criticism for exploiting her. This film was directed by Dennis O'Rourke.

Gunman (1983)
In this hard-nosed Thai action/thriller, a hitman with a tragic wartime past comes up against a cold-blooded policeman, too cowardly to have fought in any war -- but not cowardly when it comes to killing his own unarmed victims. When the hitman goes to rescue his son from a hospital room -- set as a trap for him, the policeman tracks him down and the final fight between good and evil begins.

The Hmong, Hilltribe People of Laos

The Holy Man (2005)
A monk comes to a small city and takes up residence at a small Buddhist temple. With his no-nonsense advice and humble ways, a new monk builds a following that starts to rival a flashy scam temple across town, making an enemy of its operator ( Somlek Sakdikul ).

Hotel Angel (1974)
Malee is a farm girl from Northern Thailand who decides to sneak away to Bangkok with her boyfriend, Chate, but shortly after arriving, Chate disappears and Malee finds herself held captive in a " love hotel ". To pay for the room, she is forced to sleep with men. Af first, she is horrified by what she must do, but after a time, she becomes resigned and accepts her situation as fate.

With her debt paid, she starts to earn money working as a prostitute , giving her the ability to buy new clothes and send money home to her father, telling him she is working as a seamstress . As Malee is taking her clothes off, her father is putting new windows on his house.

Malee gains a reputation in her community as a person to be relied upon to help break new girls in. One particularly hard case refuses to be accepting as Malee was, and despite Malee's advice continues to be rebellious and eventually commits suicide .

Even after the death of her charming pimp (Sorapong Chatree), Malee continues until one day she is able to become independent of the sex trade, and there is a happy ending for her as she is able to open her own dress shop in Bangkok.

Innocence (2005)
Shot on digital video , the documentary tells the story of Prayoon Kamchai, principal of the Baan Mae Toh school in rural, mountainous Chiang Mai Province . Faced with poor families of hill tribe (mostly Karen and Hmong ) subsistence farmers and rugged terrain, Prayoon sought to find a way to ensure children in his far-flung school district received a proper education. Children would often have to travel 80 to 90 kilometers on narrow, winding mountain roads, which in the rainy season became impassable, to get to school. Often, children's parents were too poor to afford tuition.

Prayoon, who asked to be assigned to the school when he started teaching in 1983, at first noticed the children had no food, so he decided to start a free lunch program. He then solved the problem of transportation by creating a boarding school and finding a way for as many children to attend as the school could accept.

The school receives a small amount of funds from the Thai government . Building supplies for the boarding school dorms were donated, and much of the building work and other improvements at the school were made by the students and teachers themselves. To supplement the small meal allowance from the government, the students raise their own vegetable crops and livestock.

Baan Mae Toh school offers classes up to Mattayom 3 , or ninth grade . As a reward for graduating from the school, Prayoon arranges for the class to take a trip to the beach in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province , a trip of more than 1,000 kilometers that takes three days, by truck and bus. For all the children, it is the first time they will see the ocean. Along the way, the children stay at Buddhist temples for free to keep the cost of the journey low.

Insee thong (1970)
Rom Ritthikrai ( Mitr Chaibancha ) is at a nightclub getting very drunk and trying to persuade others to join him in his fun. He is retrieved by his faithful assistant Oy ( Petchara Chaowarat ). Rom is actually the masked crimefighter, Insee Daeng, or Red Eagle, and he uses the persona as a fun-loving drunkard as a cover.

However, an impostor Insee Daeng (Kanchit Kwanpracha) is committing murders, so Rom must change his masked alias to another color, and he becomes the Golden Eagle, or Insee Tong.

The Iron Ladies (2000)
The film is set in 1996 , when the real team competed and won the national championships in Thailand. The two main characters, Mon and Jung, play two gay transvestites, who had been constantly overlooked by volleyball coaches because of their appearance. However, when a local team changes coaches, the new coach holds tryouts for a new team. When Mon and Jung are selected, most of the old players resign, leaving the new coach, Coach Bee, in a sticky predicament.

Mon and Jung are then forced to enlist the help of other gay and transsexual friends who they used to play volleyball with in university. These new players include Wit, who hasn't told his fiance he is gay, Pia, a transexual dancer and Nong, a gay army officer. When the competition begins, all but one player in the team are gay or transsexual.

Because of their appearance on court, many of the match officials intend to ban the team, soon dubbed "The Iron Ladies", from the tournament. However, seeing how much the team is liked by the crowd soon changes many of their opinions.

At the end credits of the film, the real "Iron Ladies" are shown as they were at the time of making the film.

I-San Special (2002)
A 2002 Thai experimental independent drama film directed by Mingmongkol Sonakul and based on an idea by Apichatpong Weerasethakul . Set aboard a ramshackle inter-city bus traveling from Bangkok to Isan , the audio of a Thai radio soap opera is acted out by the passengers. However, when the bus stops, the drama of the passengers' normal lives is portrayed. Parallels are seen between the soap opera and reality in terms of the characters' social class.

Invisible Waves (2006)
Kyoji is a cook living in Macau . He works for a Thai restaurant in Hong Kong and has been having an affair with Seiko, the wife of his boss, Wiwat, who orders Kyoji to poison her. After the deed is done, Kyoji is ordered to leave Hong Kong. He consults with the mysterious Monk, who gives him money and advice to contact Lizard. Kyoji then boards a cruise ship , and is given a small, dreary cabin belowdecks, where nothing seems to work properly. In trying to find his way back topside, he gets lost. Finally, up on deck, he meets Noi. Noi has a baby named Nid, whom Kyoji finds hanging on the deck rail in a harness, where Noi left the child while she was swimming. Eventually, the ship reaches its destination, Phuket , Thailand , where real life-or-death adventures begin for Kyoji as he starts to put the pieces together about what he's done.

Iron Ladies (Satree Lek) (1996)
102 minutes SEA 023, Region 3 English subtitles. A 1996 comedy directed by Youngyooth Thongkonthun. Based on a true story of a volleyball team made up of transvestites, gays, bisexuals & straight guys. This 1996 film was a box office hit in Thailand & acclaimed at international gay/lesbian film festivals. Critics railed against its stereotyped characters. In “real” life, the Volleyball Ass’n. of Thailand persuaded the winning team not to enter international competitions saying that to do so would tarnish the Thai image; instead the VAT wanted straight-looking (whatever that means!) male athletes. As another sign of the times, in 1997, the Rajabhat Institute (which administers Thailand’s 36 teachers’ training colleges) banned homosexual students from courses on teaching elementary school ed. Fortuitously, in 1997 Thailand adopted a new “people’s” Constitution & the government lifted the ban Rajabhat had imposed. This film was directed by Youngyooth Thongkonthun.

Jan Dara (2001)
Some say that Jan Dara’s life was blighted from birth – from the moment his mother Dara died while giving birth to him. Certainly Dara’s husband Khun Luang (Great Master) hated the boy from that moment. That was why he named him Jan, short for Janrai (accursed). And that was why Khun Luang viewed the boy with such hatred and treated him so cruelly, beating him and locking him in a “ghost room” for daring to grieve for his mother.

But Khun Luang’s hatred for the boy had nothing to do with his licentious behavior around the Visanan compound in which they both lived. Jan Dara’s earliest memory was of seeing Khun Luang have sex with a maid, right in front of a portrait of his sexual desires, and didn’t care who in the household knew about it. When Dara’s old friend Waad arrived from Pijit to be a surrogate mother to the boy, Khun Luang lost no time in adding her to his lists of conquests. And when Aunt Waad bore Khun Luang a daughter, Kaew, the doting patriarch taught the child to hate Jan Dara as much as he did himself. In other words, Jan Dara grew up surrounded by immoral and licentious acts and perhaps blurred them in his mind with both the image of his beloved mother and the cruelty of his hated father.

And when he was summoned back three years later, Jan Dara found himself in a position to take revenge on Khun Luang. Kaew was pregnant (no-one ever said by whom) and need a husband. Khun Luang had chosen Jan Dara, the only other male of Visanan lineage, for the role. Jan Dara agreed to marry the girl, but demanded a high price for his compliance: ownership of the Visanan compound. Astonishingly, Khun Luang agreed to sign over the title deed. Now master of his own house, Jan Dara began taking pleasure in toying with the affections – and the bodies – of the various women around him, just as Khun Luang used to. Was the young man exacting a revenge on Khun Luang at last? Or was he rather living out the curse placed on his head when he was born?

Kelly Loves Tony
Seventeen year-old Kelly Saeteurn has a dream -- she calls it her "American dream." As a fresh high school graduate on her way to college, she envisions a rosy future for herself. Kelly is the first in her family of Iu Mien refugees from Laos to have accomplished as much as she already has, but her dreams exist in sharp contrast to her reality. She is also pregnant. Her boyfriend Tony is a junior high drop out and ex-con. The brutal honesty of this film's footage and dialogue offers viewers a rare glimpse into the lives of two young people struggling to make their relationship work in the face of overwhelming obstacles like parenthood, gender issues and cultural and educational differences.

Kerd ma lui (2004)
Diew, an undercover cop, having just lost his mentor in a raid on an arch-criminal's hideout, decides to take a trip with his sister Nui a national taekwondo champion to a rural village with a group of other national athletes of various sports. The bucolic retreat turns ugly when the athletes and villagers are taken hostage by the brutal, heavily armed militia of a drug lord. After learning of the criminals' shocking plans, the cop, the athletes and villagers of all ages resolve to fight back using their unique skills.

Khan Kluay (2006)
When Khan Kluay is born, his grandmother notes that his back is "gently sloped like a banana stalk ... I suppose that is what I should name you". "Khan kluay" is Thai for "banana stalk".

As a young elephant, Khan Kluay is taunted by the other elephants because he is fatherless. Naturally, Khan Kluay is curious about his father, and he's told that his father is a war elephant for the king.

So Khan Kluay wants to find his father. Still a young elephant, he wanders off to being his search. He is soon captured by a Burmese raiding party. In trying to escape from the Burmese camp, the young elephant is befriended by a Siamese boy prince, Naresuan , who has been ransomed to the Burmese. Naresuan has the ability to calm Khan Kluay into thinking clearly, and Khan Kluay makes his escape.

Khao Chon kai (2006)
Khao Chon Kai is a military training camp where Thai boys who apply for military lessons will face the challenge of the training during their senior year of high school. A group of boys meet at the camp and begin their training together, encountering many obstacles during the rigorous training regimines. Despite the hardships, they discover that friendship and true friends are the most precious things they've found in Khao Chon Kai.

Killer Tattoo/Muer Puen: Lok/Pra/Jun (2001)
Bangkok, 2011 A.D. Pae Buffgun, a seasoned hit man, is released from prison and quickly hired to assassinate the Iron Cop, a ruthless law enforcer. Because the job is too big for one man, he assembles his old team for the hit. Dog Bad Bomb, Err M-16, and Ghost Rifle, old hands in the assassin game, have seen their jobs dwindle of late. Meanwhile, Kit Silencer, an up and coming hit man, is also contracted to kill Iron Cop. Both groups pick the same day for the hit and the end result is complete chaos. Based on his memory of a tattoo on the killer’s wrist, Kit suspects Pae is the man who murdered his parents when he was a child. As a result, Kit Silencer comes after Pae Buffgun and his gang.

The Killing Fields (1984)
Sydney Schanberg is a New York Times journalist covering the civil war in Cambodia. Together with local representative Dith Pran, they cover some of the tragedy and madness of the war. When the American forces leave, Dith Pran sends his family with them, but stays behind himself to help Schanberg cover the event. As an American, Schanberg won't have any trouble leaving the country, but the situation is different for Pran.

The King Maker (2005)

The story opens with Portuguese soldier Fernando de Gama drowning in the ocean after a shipwreck. He comes to, finds some wreckage to float on and washes up on the coast of Siam . After almost being eaten by a crocodile , he is captured by some Arab slave traders and taken to Ayutthaya . Released from his bonds to be put on the auction block, he promptly knocks down his captors and leads them on a chase throughout the ancient city.

Part I deals with Naresuan's boyhood, when he was taken hostage by Burmese King Bayinnaung to keep the vassal Ayutthaya Kingdom subservient. During this time, he was a novice Buddhist monk under the tutelage of a wise father-figure monk ( Sorapong Chatree ). Part II depicts Naresuan as a young adult prince, already a formidable military strategist, as he leads his army on exploits against breakaway kingdoms for King Bayinnaung's successor, King Nonthabureng, and eventually breaks away to declare sovereignty for Siam. Part III was to depict Naresuan's military and leadership skills and the expansion of the Siamese kingdom.

King of the White Elephant (1941)
Set in the Ayutthaya Kingdom of the 16th century, King Chakra is going about his usual palace duties, granting audiences to his advisers, including his Lord Chamberlain, who is keen to see the king fulfill his royal duty of taking 366 wives, including, hopefully among them, the chamberlain's own daughter.

However, the threat of invasion by the King of Honsa has King Chakra pre-occupied. The peace-loving King Chakra at first wants to negotiate for peace, but is unsuccessful, and finds himself forced to go to war to stop the Honsa invasion.

Krasue Valentine (2006)
Sao is a nurse who comes to work at an older, rundown hospital in Bangkok . Witnessing her arrival is Num, a disabled orderly . Num is shy , but a little girl selling roses convinces him to buy one. He gives her money and the girl in turn gives the rose to Sao, forming a bond between the two. Sao takes room in an old house behind the hospital, near a disused gymnasium and the old morgue . She is getting over a breakup with an old boyfriend who left her because she turns into a ghost . And, indeed, unbeknownst to her, she does turn into the krasue ghost that very night, scaring the hospital's security guard.

In A Strange Land: Police and the Southeast Asian Refugee

Journey into Thailand: Tales of Gods and Demons
Describes the history of the masked ballet performed by Thai dancers. Explains the dance drama Ramakien.

Last Life in the Universe (2003)
A mysterious, obsessive-compulsive, suicidal Japanese man living in Bangkok, Thailand is thrown together with a Thai woman through a tragic chain of events. The woman is everything he is not. He is a neat freak who keeps his dishes washed and his books neatly stacked and categorized. She dresses like a slob, smokes pot and never picks anything up. It’s a match that somehow works though. Slowly and entertainingly, more is revealed about the Japanese man and why he’s suicidal and living in Bangkok.

The Letter (2004)
Dew ( Anne Thongprasom ) is a young computer programmer who meets Ton ( Attaporn Teemakorn ) in Chiang Mai during her distant cousin's funeral. They immediately become attracted to each other and start to date each other over the phone.

Back in Bangkok on Valentine's Day, Dew refuses to accompany her best friend, Ked, to a blind date because she is anxiously waiting for Ton's phone call. The consequence of this breaks Dew's heart as her friend is murdered by the blind date.

Dew immediately leaves for Chiang Mai and finds comfort in Ton. The two start a serious relationship and marry soon after. However, their new-found happiness is cut short when Ton dies of a brain tumor. Dew is again left alone.

Before leaving for Bangkok, she receives a mysterious letter, seemingly from her dead husband. As it turns out, Ton had written a series of letter prior to his death and arranged for them to be sent after his death to his widow. The letters help Dew through her grief. She finally is able to live without the love of her life and continues to live in Chiang Mai with their son, born after the death of his father.

Letter Back Home
A rare and uncompromising look at life in the United States for some Laotian and Cambodian youth. Shot in San Francisco's "inner city" Tenderloin District.

Laos: The Forgotten War
This Cuban documentary focuses on the history of foreign intervention in Laos, first by France and then by the United States. It show how the liberation forces of Laos, under continuous U.S. bombing, where able to run an entire society in hidden caves and tunnels. Throught the leadership of the Pathet Lao, they organized schools, cultural activities, clinics, as well as political and military activities literally underground.

The Last God King: The Lives and Times of Cambodia's Sihanouk

last Life in the Universe (2006)
Kenji is a mysterious librarian with the Japan Foundation in Bangkok who might be a Yakuza. Living in an obsessively neat apartment full of precise stacks of books, he is convinced that death will be a pleasant nap between lives, but finds his half-hearted attempts to kill himself continually interrupted by the people around him. Kenji's most notable obstacle is his self-absorbed brother, Yukio, a yakuza , or Japanese gangster. Yukio is on vacation from Japan to escape the wrath of his employer, whose daughter he slept with. Yukio's friend Takashi suggests that if it were his daughter, he would have the despoiler killed, but Kenji's brother laughs this warning off. Yukio frequents a club where he can enjoy the attention of a bunny-eared hostess , a local girl named Nid. Nid's sister, Noi, is furious at her sibling for having slept with her boyfriend, Jon.

Legend of Sudsakorn (2006)
A 2006 Thai fantasy film . It is based on a story from Phra Aphai Mani , an epic poem by Sunthorn Phu . Charlie Trairat , the young male lead from Fan Chan , portrays the title character, a boy who is the son of a mermaid who is sent on a magical quest to find his father, a prince. It is a mix of live action and computer-generated imagery .

The story was previously adapted in the 1979 Thai animated feature, The Adventure of Sudsakorn .

The Lengend of Suriyothai (2001)
A Thai film directed by Chatrichalerm Yukol , telling the history of Queen Suriyothai , who died in a battle in 1548 against Burmese invaders. Taking her battle elephant in front of the Burmese army, Suriyothai sacrificed herself to save the life of her King Chakrapat , and his kingdom .

Letter Back Home
An honest and compelling look at life in San Francisco's Tenderloin district for Laotian and Cambodian youth. Tough and with attitude, they long for home while also carving out a life in their neighborhood. Through this bittersweet "letter back home," you can feel the history, resilience and strength in these youth.

The Life of Buddha

A 2007 Thai animated feature film about the life of Gautama Buddha . The film was released on December 5 , 2007 , in celebration of Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej 's 80th birthday.

The Love of Siam (2007)

A 2007 Thai romantic - drama film , written and directed by Chukiat Sakweerakul . A multi-layered family drama, one of the controversial elements of the story is a gay romance between two teenage boys.

Loveaholic (2006)

Rong, a comedy screenwriter, finds out his wife, Daeng, has had an affair with a physician. Rong's and Daeng's relationship had grown routine and boring, which was why Daeng had the affair. Rong quarrels with Daeng, who angrily drives away in her car. Later, Rong is told that his wife is dead. Grieving, he blames himself for her death. However, Rong notices that many things in the house are being moved around, and he starts to think that perhaps Daeng is not dead.


A 2007 Thai comedy drama film directed by Pantham Thongsang and Somkiet Vituranich about a pack of stray dogs in suburban Bangkok who want to cross a busy highway in hopes of finding a better life on the other side of the road. It is the first Thai live-action feature film to feature main characters that are animals.

Mae bia (2001)
Chanachol, recently returned to Thailand after living overseas, signs up for a tour to get back in touch with Thai culture, and finds himself attracted to the tour guide, Mekhala.

There are several problems with the relationship: Chanachol is married, with family, and Mekhala has a mysterious, symbiotic relationship with a deadly cobra , and many of her previous suitors have ended up dead.

Mah Nakorn (2004)

A 2004 Thai romance film , directed by Wisit Sasanatieng and based on a story by Wisit's wife, Koynuch ( Siriphan Techajindawong ), which was illustrated by him. The second film by the director of Tears of the Black Tiger , it is a colorfully surrealistic story set in contemporary Bangkok , where a boy (Pod) without a goal in life falls in love with a girl (Jin) who lives for her dreams. The movie is frequently compared with the French movie Amélie . One of the main themes of the movie is that people will only find something from the moment when they stopped looking for it.

Me ... Myself (2007)

A 2007 Thai romantic drama film directed by Pongpat Wachirabunjong . Ananda Everingham stars as a gay male dancer in a transvestite cabaret who suffers amnesia after being struck by a car.

The Mekhong
Part 3 of a series on the Mekong River, this film looks at Laos and Thailand and the river. 55 minutes. FFH8827

Mekhong Full Moon Party (2002)
More than 100,000 people gather by the Mekong River in Northeast Thailand on November Full Moon each year. After sunset, mysterious fireballs rise up from the river and disappear into the sky. While the locals still adhere to the traditional myth of the dragon, Great Naga, making a sacred offering to Buddha, the Western visitors take a more skeptical stance: Dr. Norati sets out prove that the fireballs are natural; Dr. Surapol wants to prove the phenomenon a hoax. Meanwhile, temple-custodian Abbot Loh believes his monks have been responsible for the “miracle” for the past 30 years. This film was directed by Jira Maligool.

Metrosexual (2006)
A 2006 Thai romantic - comedy about four women who believe their best friend is about to marry a man who is gay . The film was directed by Yongyooth Thongkongtoon , who also directed The Iron Ladies . The five female leads all co-host a daytime talk show on Thai TV Channel 3 .

Mercury Man (2006)
After being stabbed with an ancient Tibetan amulet , a Bangkok firefighter named Sharn is transformed into a superhero when his body becomes a massive heat source, which he learns to manipulate to give him super strength, increased agility and the ability to make great leaps.

Sharn's fate is entwined with an Afghani terrorist , Osama bin Ali, who wants the power of the Tibetan amulet to use in a plot to destroy the United States . With his international terrorist organization, led by henchwoman Areena, Osama kidnaps Sharn's mother and transsexual sister and takes them to the Royal Thai Navy base, where he hopes to launch a rocket at a US Navy chemical weapon ship. Osama also has suicide bombers spread out throughout Thailand, ready to act on his word.

Aided by the young female guardian of the amulet, Sharn rescues his mother and sister. However, he must face Areena, who has stabbed herself with a companion amulet, giving her the powers of extreme cold and ice.

Mercy (2002)
An emotionally charged documentary about the resilience and courage of Luk Nam, an 11-year old girl in Thailand whose life has been forever changed by AIDS. Filmed over two years at a community hospice in the slums of Bangkok (which we will visit), the story unfolds through Luk Nam's voice; reading from her journal as she recalls losing her entire family and her best friend. The video follows Luk Nam as she cares for her little sister dying of AIDS. Mercy explores the humanity of three staff at the hospice who encourage her to go on as they struggle with their own feelings in caring for HIV positive children. The documentary is an intimate portrait of an overlooked side to the AIDS crisis -focusing on children of HIV+ parents who are deeply affected by the loss of their loved ones. Mercy is a film about survival and the power of compassion. This moving story is a lesson about how to embrace life in the face of death. This documentary was directed by Jeanne Hallacy.

Midnight My Love (2005)
A 2005 Thai romantic - drama written and directed by Kongdej Jaturanrasamee and starring Petchtai Wongkamlao and Woranut Wongsawan .

The film features a change of pace for comic actor Petchtai, who offers a sombre, dramatic portrayal of a taxicab driver who develops a relationship with a young woman (Woranut, in her debut feature film role) who is working in a massage parlor .

The film has dream sequences that place the characters in scenes that might have come from a classic Thai melodrama film of the 1960s or 70s, with a dubbed soundtrack, which was a common method of filmmaking in the era.

Miss Suwanna of Siam (1923)
The film is a romance about a young woman named Suwanna who is the object of affection for many men. In her search for true love, she has many adventures and mishaps, including overcoming her father's disapproval, before finally finding her soulmate.

Monkey Dance
Children of Cambodian refugees, three teens in Lowell, Massachusetts inhabit a gritty blue-collar world shadowed by their parents' nightmares of the Khmer Rouge. Traditional Cambodian dance links them to their parents' culture, but fast cars, hip consumerism, and new romance pull harder.

Monrak luk thung (1970)
A 1970 musical - comedy - romance film directed by Rungsri Tassanapuk and starring Mitr Chaibancha and Petchara Chaowarat . Released on May 15 , 1970 , the film was an enormous hit, playing in Thai cinemas for six months.

Monrak Transistor (2001)
A 2001 Thai film directed by Pen-Ek Ratanaruang . Blending several genres, including comedy , romance , musical and crime , it is the story of a young man named Pan and his odyssey after he goes AWOL from the army and tries to make it as a luk thung singing star.

This film relays the story of some of the most important events in recent Thai history from the perspective of two students at the heart of the action. In the early 1970s, Seksan and Chiranan -- two university students in Bangkok -- were young, in love, and passionately committed to ending military dictatorship in Thailand. Seksan and other student leaders led the biggest mass demonstration in modern Thai history in October 1973, an event that led to the popular uprising that toppled the military dictatorship and restored democracy. But Seksan and Chiranan's lives take a drastic turn when they are caught in the wave of political violence, stirred up by remnants of the old ruling elite agitating for the return of dictatorial rule. The two flee to the jungle to join the Communist Party, fighting guerilla-style in the forests of Thailand. Cutting between "newsreel" footage of the 1973 protests and the activist's lives in the jungle, this film is a thought provoking attempt to come to terms with a part of recent Thai history that still has social and political repercussions.

Moving Mountains: The Story of the Yiu Mien
The Yiu Mien lived a rural lifestyle in the mountains of Laos until the Vietnam War forced them from their homeland. This is an exploration of the lives of some of these refugees and their perceptions of and adaptation to a very different life in the United States.

Muay Thai Chaiya (2007)
Growing up in Chaiya , Surat Thani Province , three boys, Piak, Pao and Samor, are followers of Pao's brother, Krang (Prawit Kittichanthira), a legendary muay Thai fighter who is taught by Pao's father, Tew ( Samart Payakaroon ).

After an accident partially cripples Samor, Piak and Pao train as boxers under Tew, but the boxing school is broken up when Tew and Krang are recruited for a gym in Bangkok .

Eventually, Piak and Pao go to Bangkok themselves, bringing along Samor, and Sripai, a nurse who is engaged to Piak, but whom Pao secretly loves.

Piak's hot-headedness makes him a fierce fighter, but it is also a liability that costs him a fight and ends his career. He joins the world of underground bare-knuckles brawling, and he and Samor take on other jobs in the underworld as well, including helping out at go-go bar where the pretty Warn dances and seduces Piak.

Pao, meanwhile, begins training with his father, and works his way up the ranks, is put forward as a top boxer in a match against a fierce farang , Diamond Sullivan, which places Pao at odds with the gangsters whom Piak and Samor work for.

Muen and Rid (1994)
Directed by Cherd Songsri, one of the finest craftsmen in Thai cinema, Muen and Rid tells the story of Muen, a peasant woman in mid 19th century Thailand, who rejects an arranged marriage and seeks help from a Buddhist monk, the two eventually bringing her case before the Thai king.

For more information: http://www.arts.monash.edu.au/mai/films/catalogue.html

Mysterious Object at Noon (2000)
The film is unscripted and uses the exquisite corpse party game as a concept, with the film crew traveling across Thailand , interviewing people and asking each person to add their own words to a story. This film was directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

The film was shot in 16mm and enlarged to 35mm for international exhibition.

Nang Nak (1999)
A romantic tragedy and horror film directed by Nonzee Nimibutr in 1999 through Buddy Film and Video Production Co. in Thailand . It features the life of a devoted ghost wife and the unsuspecting husband. Particularly poignant in the film is the devotion of the wife to her husband. A particularly impressive and eerie scene is where the husband (Mak) sees his wife extend her arm all the way to the ground from the elevated hut.

Necromancer (2005)
Itti ( Chatchai Plengpanich ) is a former police officer, now convicted criminal, and endowed with powerful black magic abilities that make him a feared prisoner. He is moved to solitary confinement in a specially constructed cell, but with his mind-reading abilities, is able to detect a weakness in the one jailor who brings him food. In his interactions with the jailor, he is able to take over the man's mind and use the man to help him escape.

A young police officer, Santi ( Akara Amarttayakul ) is assigned to track Itti down, and in confronting Itti, Santi becomes increasingly obsessed with gaining magical powers himself.

New Hmong Life in Amreica
The Hmong-language version provides refugees, both as newcomers and in camps abroad, with information and support in the transition to life in the United States. Through interviews and coverage of various aspects of life in America, the videotape deals with such topics as education, jobs and training, legal matters, shamanism, and the difficult issue of cultural survival in America. The English version of the program is being distributed and screened publicly to promote a better understanding of the Hmong and to provide a fresh perspective on American culture.

Nong Teng Nakleng-pukaotong (2006)
In 1920s Siam , Bunteng, a member of a likay performing troupe, is faced with the prospect of his art dying when he and his family are threatened with eviction by a businessman who hopes to build a movie theater on the site of their stage. At the same time, the first Hollywood film, Miss Suwanna of Siam , is being made on location in the country. Seeing film as a corruptive influence on traditional Siamese culture, Bunteng, with the help of his gangster friend, Nong, sets about to disrupt the filming and keep his family from being evicted.

Noo HIn: The Movie (2006)
Noo Hin is a young woman living in Ubon Ratchathani in Northeast Thailand , and as the story opens, she is hunting for something to eat, and she spots a lizard (an animated character), which she chases throughout the countryside, causing a stampede of water buffalo and disrupting a village fair.

Nothing to Lose (2002)
Somchai (Pierre Png), a debt-ridden gambling addict, goes to the top of a building to commit suicide and finds a young woman, Go-go (Arisara Wongchalee), standing on the ledge ready to do the same.

Rather than going through with the plans for death, the two talk and decide that there's nothing they can't do, since they had decided to die.

So they embark on crime spree, starting out by eating in a restaurant and not paying the bill, then stealing a car and crashing it for fun.

They rob a convenience store, and are pursued by the police, and the gangsters Somchai owes pursue the couple as well.

OK Baytong (2003)
Tum is a young man who has been a monk living in a Buddhist temple in Thailand since he was 5 years old. But after hearing that his sister has been killed in an attack on a train by insurgents , he decides to leave the monastery and make his way to southern Thailand where his sister ran a beauty salon in a town called Betong in a district in Yala Province on the border with Malaysia .

In looking to put his sister's affairs in order, Tum finds himself conflicted. Should he take over his sister's business? His sister has a daughter, by a Muslim man who lives on the Malaysian side of the border . Should Tum try to take a greater role in the raising of the child?

But first, Tum must figure out how to zip up his trousers without hurting himself. It's only one of the many new things to the young man, who has worn a Buddhist monk's robes for most of his life. He also encounters romantic and sexual feelings when he develops a relationship with a neighbor lady, who was a friend of his sister.

And, Tum must reconcile the feelings of hate and rage that sometimes come into his head when he thinks about Muslim people and the insurgents who were responsible for his sister's death.

One Night Husband (2003)
Sipang (Nicole Theriault) is a woman who tastes sweet nuptial bliss briefly with her man Napat before the phone rings on the night of their wedding. Napat picks up, mumbles something, and leaves the house. When he doesn’t return, Sipang asks for help from Chatchai, Napat’s brother, who’s married to the demure introvert Busaba (Siriyakorn Pukkavej). The wife’s search for her husband reveals his hidden past, revealing a painstaking portrayal of contemporary Thai women’s values, as Sipang and Busaba become two halves of the same feminine whole.

One Take Only (2001)
Bank (Pawarith Monkolpisit) is a small-time hoodlum in Bangkok . He uses drugs, and sometimes works for some local gangsters, smuggling guns and drugs. One day he meets Som, a teenage girl who works as a prostitute . The pair fall in love, and in a bid to better their lives, they get into a drug deal that is too big for either of them.

Ong Bak (2003)
A sacred Buddha statuette called Ong Bak is stolen from a rural village and it soon becomes the task of a young man, Boonting (Phanom Yeeram), to track the thief down to Bangkok and reclaim the religious treasure. Along the way, Boonting must use his astounding athleticism and traditional Muay Thai skills to combat his adversaries.

Online Thai Entertainment Store: http://ethaicd.com/

Ong Bak 2 (2008)

Is the working title for a Thai martial arts film directed by and starring Tony Jaa . If it retains the title, it will be a sequel in name only to the hugely popular Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior .

The story is adapted from Ai Noom Saraphad Phid , a low-budget martial arts film Jaa developed with his mentor Panna Rittikrai , but was never released because it was shot on expired film stock. The action will incorporate khon , the sacred Thai masked dance. The title roughly translates to "man with poisons" and involves a character whose dark side is dominant until he's transformed by the gracious power of khon dance.

Opapatika (2007)
A narrator explains that according to Buddhist belief the evolution of birth can be divided into three forms: Sangsethaca, Anthaca, Chalaphucha. Then there is a fourth form, Opapatika , which goes against Buddhist beliefs because it involves suicide : a class of supernatural beings who are born out of suicide. However, the powers that they gain also have a negative effect.

The narrator, it is revealed, is Thuwachit ( Pongpat Wachirabanjong ), the loyal mortal henchman for the elderly Sadok ( Nirut Sirichanya ), an Opapatika who is quickly decaying and needs to feast on the flesh of other Opapatikas in order to sustain himself. He sends Thuwachit out to capture others.

The Other Thailand
(Documentary: 29 minutes) This video presents the southern area of Thailand; an area of rubber plantations, coconut palms, tin mines and mangroves. The majority of the people are Muslim and mosques dominate the skyline. Journey into Thailand series. Produced by Landmark Films.

Out of the Darkness (1971)
Astronomer Professor Thongchai and his assistant Sek observe some meteorites falling and determine they struck somewhere in Southern Thailand . They head for Ranong Province where they start their investigation at a potash mine owned by Luang Kosit. When they arrive, they find the place under siege by some gunmen. Sek pitches in to help out, and to return the favor, Luang Kosit brings Thongchai and Sek to his home and offers them a place to stay.

The Overture (2004)
Siam, 1886, and Som’s brother, a famous xylophonist, is killed by a competitor, leaving Sorn to take over. After asking his dad to take him to Bangkok to prove his skill, Khun in proved the most adept competitor and Sorn returned home to practice. Presently, he pioneered a unique style and became a musician of the royal palace, marrying Shote, his dream girl and a fellow palace staffer, and finally besting Khun In a xylophone contest. Som eventually became an important teacher, who promoted traditional Thai music at a time when the traditional culture of developing Thailand was under threat of being subsumed by the influx of European influences.

Pak Bueng on Fire
This narrative film looks at the struggle of first generation Thai immigrants in Los Angeles. Two friends, one a college student and the other a worker in a small grocery store, play cat-and-mouse with the INS. How do they establish themselves in the US if they are constantly looking over their shoulders? In English and Thai, with English subtitles.

Doctors try a new way to prevent pandemics at the source; comparisons of Thailand, Australia and the U.S. 57 minutes PBS 127

Pisaj (2004)
After her parents are killed in a drive-by shooting , a young woman named Oui has no place else to go. She shows up at a printing house run by her Aunt Bua and is given the task of caring for her aunt's grandson, a young boy named Arm, a kid who sees ghosts .

Oui suffers from hallucinations, brought on by the trauma of seeing her parents killed, and is taking medications. And Aunt Bua is involved in some sort of mysticism , and keeps a strange shrine in the house.

With the drug war by prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra as a subtext, many threads in this strange ghost story are somehow tied together.

The Place Where We Were Born (2007)
My name is Kao Kalia Yang.  I'm a young writer who has made a film that might be of interest to the collection you're building on the Hmong.  It is a work about how memory haunts.  It's an object film, about 22 minutes long and available at:  http://www.vimeo.com/748923 .  I think it'll be particularly useful for interests.  In addition, I have also written a book titled The Latehomecomer.  It was released in April from Coffee House Press, and is the first full-length literary work on the Hmong by a Hmong author in America.  It's received generous and strong reviews nationally.  You can learn of the book on the Coffee House Press website:  www.coffeehousepress.org , and on my website:  www.kaokaliayang.com

Plae Kao (1977)
In 1936 in rural Bang Kapi , at the time nothing but rice paddies and small farming villages, Kwan and Riam are the son and daughter of rival village chiefs. They both work in the rice fields with their water buffaloes . Riam at first resists the courtship of Kwan, but Kwan, a jolly young man who sings and plays bamboo flute, is persistent. Kwan pleads with Riam, telling her he wants to die in the river if he doesn't have her love. Riam gives in to Kwan's charms and the two pledge their love for each other at a spirit shrine on an island in the river.

Pleasure Factory (2007)

A 2007 Singaporean - Thai docudrama film set in Geylang , the red-light district of Singapore . A series of intertwining tales involve "pleasure seekers and pleasure providers" during the course of one night in Geylang , Singapore 's red-light district . There are three distinct stories, united only by the presence of characters from all the stories in a streetside eatery.

Ploy (2007)

The drama film stars Thai actress Lalita Panyopas in a story of a middle-aged married couple who question their relationship after seven years. Ananda Everingham is featured in a supporting role as a bartender.

The Possible (2006)
In 1969 in Thailand , The Possible are the most popular band. But the fame has caused the band members to have big egos . They ignore their fans. The lead singer, Toi, is cavorting with a farang woman, and is caught by his Thai girlfriend, Straw.

Prostitute: A Factor to Nicdom
This documentary film provides a brief sketch of the primary factors contributing to the increase of prostitution in Thailand. The film poses a number of questions about the Thai sex industry. Why does Thailand have the largest sex-for-hire industry in Asia? Who creates the image of Thailand as a sex stop for tourists? Why do women become prostitutes and what are their lives like? How do modernization and industrialization relate to the Thai sex industry?

Rebuilding the temple: Cambodians in America
Details the Cambodian Americans quest to build their temples, hold their religious ceremonies and survive as a culture in the United States.

For Mike Siv, the trip begins innocently enough. "Me and my homies, David and Paul, we're going to Cambodia. We'll see the sights, visit family, have some fun." But after their journey, they will never be the same. These three young refugees, raised on the streets of San Francisco's tough Tenderloin district (a.k.a. the "T.L."), head back to Cambodia for the first time in “Refugee,” a new documentary by the Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Spencer Nakasako.

Website: http://www.refugeethemovie.com/

Ruang Talok 69 (1999)
Tum is a secretary working for a bank when the company is forced to shed staff. As the boss could not bear to select which staff to fire, he uses the Kau Cim to determine who must leave. Tum draws one of the unlucky numbers and is laid off. Back at her apartment building, she finds the elevator is out of order, and is somewhat bothered by a young man who is a little too helpful. She is nonetheless accommodating and friendly. Once alone, though, she envisions all kinds of suicidal scenarios, including drinking household cleaning chemicals or blowing her head off with a handgun.

Ruk Jung (2006)
Superstar singer Film is involved in a car accident in the rural, remote mountain forests of northern Thailand . He is rescued by some hill tribe people, but because he has amnesia , he can't remember who he is. A paparazza named Jaa has followed Film. Before the accident, Film and Jaa were enemies, but now he thinks that she is someone he might have loved in his past life brought back to him by the legendary fireflies.

S21 The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine (2002)
A 2002 documentary directed by Rithy Pahn. This is an awesome documentary in which survivors of the S21 torturers and victims tell their story to the world.

Sacrifice (2007)
Child prostitution between Burma and Thailand. 50 minutes FL 005 By Ellen Bruno. See a clip of the film at www.brunofilms.com/sacrifice.html. Sacrifice examines the social, cultural, and economic forces at work in the trafficking of Burmese girls into prostitution in Thailand. It is the story of the valuation and sale of human beings, and the efforts of teenage girls to survive a personal crisis born of economic and political repression.

Sai Lor Fah (2004)
Tun and Tao are friends who enjoy spending time together in karaoke bars in Pattaya . Tao has the bad habit, however, of always singing a loud, off-key rendition of the Asanee-Wasan song "Sai Lor Fah" ("Lighting Rod"), which always results in Tao and his friends being thrown out of the club.

Tao is dealer of counterfeit DVDs, but his real vocation is gambling and he frequently bets on Premier League soccer . He finally wins some money and decides to pay back a 100,000 baht loan from Tun and also treat Tun to a big night out at the city's finest karaoke club.

At the club, the shy, portly Tun meets a young woman, Nok, shares a duet with her, and ends up taking her back to his house. The next morning, Nok disappears. It turns out she is the mistress of Mee, a local crime kingpin, and Tao paid her for a one-time deal to sleep with his friend. Tun, a dealer in rare Buddhist amulets , becomes obsessed with finding Nok. He gives the 100,000 baht he received from Tun to a transvestite pimp who might have a lead on Nok.

Tun, meanwhile, is involved with crimes of his own, and has become beholden to Mee and a rival kingpin, Moo, who are both interested in obtaining a rare amulet that Tao has in his possession. In a complicated scheme, Tao ends up perpetuating the kidnapping of a wealthy American man's daughter, and holding her for 3 million baht ransom. Also, a shadowy female assassin has entered the picture to complicate matters.

Salween (1993)
The border of Burma and Thailand is lawless place, where people live and die by the law of the gun. Into this situation comes a young police lieutenant, intent on reforming the rough and rowdy local police force along the Salween River. But the ongoing fight by the Karen tribe against the Burmese government spills over into the Thailand, making the lieutenant's task a difficult one.

Samsara: A Film
Program based on the memories and stories of Cambodians in the U.S. and Cambodia. It documents the suffering, loss, and rebirth of the Cambodian people in the aftermath of the take over of Cambodia by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge revolutionary forces and the subsequent invasion of Cambodia by Vietnam.

SARS Wars (2004)
A 2004 Thai horror - comedy directed and co-written by Taweewat Wantha. The story involves people who are infected with a fictional Type 4 strain of the SARS virus and turned into zombies . The outbreak is contained to one apartment building in Bangkok , and the Health Ministry is determined to keep it contained at all costs. But the building also happens to be the hideout for a gang that has kidnapped a teenage schoolgirl. She is to be rescued by a sword-wielding superhero crimefighter, who must not only contend with the criminals, but also the zombies in a race against the government's plan to blow the building up. Though it starred popular comic actors Suthep Po-ngam and Somlek Sakdikul , the movie fared poorly in Thailand but went on to attain cult film status by playing at such film festivals as the Fantasia Festival and the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival and through a DVD release that included English subtitles.

Saving Private Tootsie (2002)
Inspired by a real-life event in December 1998, this action-packed comedy follows a group of Katoeys (ladyboys) caught in a border dispute after their plane crashes. A group of six straight soldiers reluctantly takes on a mission to save them – but first they must attempt to cast aside their personal prejudices in order to tackle the task. The movie digs deep into gay characterization, presenting the multi-layered conflicts presented to gender-benders from different backgrounds. Model Ornapa Krisadee portrays a selfish high-society transsexual, who has a sex change yet still envies the other players: one is younger, one is smarter, one is lower in social class and so on.

Sayew (2003)
A unique coming-of-age story from writer-directors Kongdej Jaturanrasamee and Kiat Songsanant. Teenage tomboy Tao (Pimaporn Leenutapong) writes freelance articles, based on fake sexual experiences, for a porn magazine called Sayew. But Tao’s imagination alone isn’t enough to keep her editor satisfied, and he’s soon asking for raunchier fantasies for the column. He cites his new writer “the Stallion” as inspiration, and Tao is compelled to broaden her erotic horizons – first by visiting a porno theater; then by spying on her neighbor’s nighttime activities. Eventually it seems only a full-blown plunge into a real boudoir escapade, aided by the well-endowed Stallion, will suffice.

Seasons Change (2007)
The story takes place in a music school in Thailand over one year and covers the three seasons that Bangkok typically experiences summer, winter and monsoon. It chronicles the life of a young high school student, Pom, and his impulsive decision to attend a music school, unbeknownst to his parents, because of a girl he has secretly liked for three years, Dao. At the music school, he befriends Aom, who eventually becomes his best friend at the academy.

As a talented rock drummer he aids a wise Japanese instructor, Jitaro in research. He also forms a rock band with two friends, Ched and Chat. However, in order to become closer to the talented violinist Aom, he joins the orchestra and is assigned by the feisty conductor, Rosie, to play tympani .

Eventually, as time schedule collides, he is forced to choose between playing in a rock band or the orchestra, and is also forced to choose between his crush on Dao, or his best friend, Aom.

See Angkor and Die
This film tells the tragic story of a young author who is diagnosed with an incurable illness and wishes to return to Angkor to spend his final days. His rich but selfish wife refuses to accompany him and instead asks her young female cousin, a recent graduate of a medical school to care for him during his stay in Angkor.

The Shadow of Angkor

Shutter (2004)
A 2004 horror film from Thailand starring Ananda Everingham , Natthaweeranuch Thongmee , and Achita Sikamana . It focuses on mysterious images seen in developed pictures. It was directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom .

Siam Renaissance (2004)
Maneejan (Florence Vanida) is a Paris-based archive specialist. A mysterious French work is brought to her for interpretation at the Thai consulate in Paris. She realizes the document is Voyageur, written by French naturalist Francois Xavier about Siam in the mid 19th century. Maneejan is moved by the record’s allusions to Siam’s shadowy past. When she returns to Thailand, she finds herself in a half-dream state, witnessing and experiencing her home country as it was more than a century ago, Siam as it struggled to defy outside influences to become a new civilization. Maneejan learns much about her country’s history, becomes a fighter alongside her cultural ancestors, and finds valuable lessons in life and love along the way. Based on the classic Thai novel Tawipop by Tamayanti.

Sick Nurses (2007)
In a run-down, suburban Bangkok hospital, young Dr. Tar (Wichan Jarujinda) and seven nurses have been running a scheme to sell dead bodies on the black market. But one nurse, Tawan (Chol Wachananont), has found out that her boyfriend, Dr. Tar, has been having an affair with her sister, Nook (Chidjun Rujiphan), is tired of the body-selling scam, and is ready to call the police.

However, before Tawan can take action, the doctor and six resident nurses at the hospital, strap Tawan to an operating table, kill her and then wrap her in a black, plastic garbage bag. They then dump her in the trunk of the doctor's car, where her corpse will be kept on dry ice until it can be sold.

All the woman have their own obsessions and weaknesses, which are preyed upon in the days that follow, when Tawan's ghost returns to kill each one of her former co-workers.

Silent Danger
(Drama: 40 min) Fictionalized account of young man in Thailand who becomes involved with drugs and the related AIDS epidemic. It was produced by the Drug Control and Suppression Office, Ministry of Health, Thailand and was funded by USAID. English subtitles.

Sisters and Daughters Betrayed (1996)
(28 min) Sex trafficking is a global crisis of growing dimensions. Millions of women and young girls have been illegally transported from rural to urban areas and across national borders for the purpose of prostitution. This compelling video explores the social and economic forces that drive this lucrative underground trade, and the devastating impact it has on women's lives. A hopeful note is sounded by the actions of women's organizations working against sex trafficking in their native countries, including Nepal , Thailand , and the Philippines . National Educational Film Festival Award, American Psychological Association honoree, American Public Health Association honoree, Association for Asian Studies honoree. This video was directed by Chela Blitt.

Sixty-nine (1999)
(also, 6xtynin9) (Thai, 1999). Comedy about gangsters, muay Thai, and a woman who finds a boxfull of money outside her door. This film was directed by Pen-ek Ratanaruang.

The Sperm (2007)
A young, struggling Bangkok rock musician, Sutin, constantly dreams about having almost sex with sexy model-actress La-mai, but always wakes up before he can actually have sex. When he wins a chance to appear in a battle of the bands contest, and La-mai presents the prize, he is not sure he is dreaming, so he crudely propositions La-mai on live television. Embarrassed by what he's done, Sutin proceeds to go out to dinner with his bandmates and become very intoxicated. Later that night, he masturbates in front of a poster of La-mai, and then the next day thousands of women in the city become pregnant . The women then give birth to abnormal, fast-growing babies that all look like Sutin.

Observing the proceedings is a scientist, Dr. Satifeung, and assisted by his daughter, he tries to come up with a way to stop the "look alike gang", but soon there are bigger problems.

Son of the Northeast (1982)
the story follows a tight-knit group of Isan subsistence farmers as they struggle against drought and other depredations.

Sugar Is Not Sweet (1964)
Chaokum, the owner of a shop that sells hair-loss treatments, wants to pay back his debt of kindness to a friend, whose formula is responsible for the Chaokum's prosperity. So he arranges for his good-for-nothing son, Manas, to marry Sugar, the daughter of his dear friend.

Sung Horn (2003)
Set in 1934 Siam , the story involves a young pregnant woman named Nualjin who's searching for her missing husband . She comes to stay in the spooky rural mansion of a widow , Runjuan. The overgrown property is managed by the stern caretaker Somchit and inhabited by a number of other people, including another young woman, Choy, who becomes Nualjin's friend, as well as an old woman, a little girl and a man who is seen at the back of the property, digging a hole.

Sunset at Chaophraya (1996)
A 1996 romantic - drama film directed by Euthana Mukdasanit . Adapted from the novel Khu Gam (or Koo Kam ) by Thommayanti , the story is a love triangle , set in World War II -era Thailand , and depicts the star-crossed romance between a Imperial Japanese Navy officer and a Thai woman who is involved with the Free Thai resistance .

Suriyothai (2001)

Syndromes and a Century (2007)

A 2006 Thai drama film written and directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul . The film was among the works commissioned for Peter Sellars ' New Crowned Hope festival in Vienna to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart . [2] It premiered on August 30, 2006 at the 63rd Venice Film Festival .

The film is a tribute to the director's parents and is divided into two parts, with the characters and dialogue in the second half essentially the same as the first, but the settings and outcome of the stories are different. The first part is set in a hospital in rural Thailand , while the second half is set in a Bangkok medical center.

Tears of the Black Tiger (2000)
A 2000 Thai western film written and directed by Wisit Sasanatieng . The story of a tragic romance between Dum, a fatalistic , working-class hero, who has become an outlaw, and Rumpoey, the upper-class daughter of a provincial governor, it is equal parts homage to and parody of Thai action films and romantic melodramas of the 1950s and 1960s.

Teng Nong kon maha hia (2007)
Bumbling parking valets Nong (Choosak Iamsuk) and Teng ( Pongsak Pongsuwan ) are assigned by their gangster boss (Phairoj Jaising) to deliver a valuable Chinese statuette to another gangster boss Hia See (Andy Khemphimook). During the journey, they decide to take a side trip and what should have been a simple job turns into a major fiasco with a police chase led by Lt Namtarn (Jirada Yohara).

Thai Thief (2007)
In World War II , Japanese troops occupied Southeast Asia with the intention of making new colonies. Thailand was one country that allowed the Japanese troops to transport their weapons and gold via train . For Kom, a well-known Thai thief, this was the perfect opportunity to commit a crime. Meanwhile, Toe, the leader of an anti-Japan movement has a plan to stop the train, but the situation becomes more difficult when Kom and Toe are forced to help a secret agent from being captured by the troops.

Thailand--An Exotic Paradise
(Travel Video: 56 min) A travel video through Thailand, including Bangkok's floating market, an orchid farm in Chiang Mai, village life, and Buddhist monasteries, temples and statues. The inclusion of activities such as making a thatched roof, riding an elephant and learning traditional Thai dancing make this video accessible to many age groups. Produced by Video International. *Thailand Before Buddha 1994 (44 min) One archaeological theory holds that, 12,000 years ago, large parts of what is Thailand today was submerged by massive floods. This program traces old legends of seafaring Thai nomads in the south and visits the 9000-year-old funeral site known as the Caves of the Spirits, as well as the Spirits of the Yellow Leaves, a people who live as nomads in the jungle and are considered the ancestors of the Thai people.

Threads of Life (1993)
(28 min) A vivid portrayal of Hmong gender roles in a mountainous Thai village illustrated by the production and use of hemp strings and cloth throughout life cycle events. This film addresses gender and kinship issues, social change and traditional crafts. In Hmong with English subtitles. Directed by Susan Morgan.

Three (2002)

Memories- A man goes to a psychiatrist to try to remember what happened the day his wife disappeared from his life. Meanwhile, his wife wakes up and finds herself lying on a deserted road, having no idea how she got there in the first place. She tries to find her way home. At the same time, her husband drives home to their apartment. Separately, they begin to regain their memories of what happened.

The Wheel- A puppet master lies dying in his bed. This is no ordinary death bed, as screams of terror erupt from him, surrounded by ghosts, which await his death. We later find out that his death was a result of a curse - a curse brought about by the improper ownership of ancient Thai puppets. The puppets belong to their proper master, and whosoever claims these puppets will suffer a horrible death.

The puppets are stolen, and the curse lands on the head of an oblivious Thai puppet troupe. They see great promise in the puppets, yet violence and destruction rains down upon them.

Going Home- While searching for his missing son, a cop, Wai, finds himself detained by his neighbor Yu in his apartment. Yu has been tending to the body of his dead wife for three years, apparently believing that his wife is still alive and will wake up in a day or two so they can go home together.

The Tiger Blade (2005)
A gang of criminals with supernatural powers, led by Mahesak, break a rebel Karen warlord Kaoyot out of prison, and plan to steal the national treasury of Thailand in order to fund Kaoyot's continuing fight. A secret police unit, led by Yosthana engages the criminals in various battles. Among the criminals they must face are the Five Bullets Bandit and the female warrior, G.I. Jenjila.

Though the police unit puts up a good fight, among them female officer Deungdao, in order to ultimately defeat the criminals, they need to use magic. So Yosthana obtains an old, magical sword, which is activated by the menstrual blood of a virgin .

To Fly
Child prostitution in Thailand, PAL format. 28 minutes SEA 029

Today's Tomorrow (1992)
(29 min) This documentary on children of Thailand focuses on the hardships of girls who have become prostitutes, and on homeless boys. The film explores some of the reasons why these children are not living in homes with their parents and discusses the emotional, physical and economic conditions of the children. Individuals working to help the children discuss their projects

Tom-Yum Goong (2005)
Kham is the last of a family line of guards who once watched over the King of Thailand 's war elephants . He grows up forming close relations to his elephant, Por Yai and his calf, Kohrn. During Songkran festival, the elephants are stolen with help from Mr. Suthep, a local MP and his son who are collaborating with elephant poachers. Kham discovers that they are in the hands of Johnny, a Vietnamese gangster who runs a Thai restaurant named Tom Yum Goong Otob in Sydney, Australia.

Tongpan (1977)
It is just after 1973 democracy movement and university students from Bangkok are going to rural Thailand to talk to farmers about their cause. Among the farmers the students meet is Tongpan, a father of two children with a wife, eaking out a living on rented farmland.

Years before, Tongpan had his own farm, but lost it when a dam was built. Now, a bigger dam is to be built on the Mekong . The students urge Tongpan to attend a seminar about the dam proposal and share his experience.

Tongpan: Son of Isan (1975)
(Feature Film: 65 min) 16mm. The real Tongpan disappeared from the small Mekong River town of Chiang Khan in June 1975. He was a peasant from the province of Kalasin who had lost his land because of a small hydroelectric dam that held water back during the dry season and released it during the wet. Isan is "the Northeast" of Thailand , and dam building is seen as the panacea to Isan's problems. This Thai feature film was directed by Surachay Chantimathorn who also wrote the music for the soundtrack and acts in the film. English subtitles.

Tropical malady (2003)
Keng, a young soldier, is assigned to a post in a small city in rural Thailand . The troops' main duties, it seems, is to investigate the mysterious slaying of cattle at local farms.

While in the field one day, Keng meets Tong. Later, Keng sees Tong riding in a truck in town. The two men have made a connection and embark on a romance, taking trips in the countryside.

Then one night, the country boy wanders off into the dark. The film's narrative abruptly shifts to a different story, about a soldier sent alone into the woods to find a lost villager.

In the woods, the soldier encounters the spirit of a tiger shaman , who taunts and bedevils the soldier, causing him to run through the woods and become lost and islolated himself.

The Unseeable (2006)
Set in 1934 Siam , the story involves a young pregnant woman named Nualjin who's searching for her missing husband . She comes to stay in the spooky rural mansion of a widow , Runjuan. The overgrown property is managed by the stern caretaker Somchit and inhabited by a number of other people, including another young woman, Choy, who becomes Nualjin's friend, as well as an old woman, a little girl and a man who is seen at the back of the property, digging a hole.

Voices of Challenge: Hmong women in transition
Hmong women provide insight into the Southeast Asian refugee experience and the dramatic changes challenging them as they break from a traditional patriarchial family structure and assimilate into American society.

The Victim (2006)
Ting is a struggling young actress who one day is noticed by Royal Thai Police Lieutenant Te, who heads up the crimes re-enactment unit and is always on the look-out for fresh talent. Ting is put to work playing the victim in photo shoots with the hand-cuffed accused killers and rapists at crime scenes. The photos are published in Thai newspapers as a means of the police publicizing that they have closed the case and done their jobs.

Ting takes a liking to her job, and is so convincing that even the criminals are moved to remorseful tears. Her popularity soaring, Ting is signed to play the lead in a film based on one of her true-crime re-enactments - the murder of Meen, a former Miss Thailand whose husband, Dr. Charun, is accused of the crime. Ting then starts experiencing some scary visions that lead her believe that Meen's longtime friend, Fai, is responsible.

Then it is revealed that the events were actually entirely a film about Meen's murder, and Ting is merely a character being played by another actress named May.

Yam Yasothon (2005)
The story is set in 1967 Yasothon Province , Thailand , where Yam is a hard-working, humble and kind farmer kind that is except when it comes to the attentions of Joei, the homely maid of Soy, who is the girlfriend of Yam's cousin, Tong. Yam tends to stray and injured animals of all kinds, but he never has nice things to say to Joei. Despite this, she persists in flirting with Yam and making unwanted physical advances.

A Wedding
Details Hmong customs and wedding rites.

Who Is Running? (1997)
Life appears to be looking bright for Jiab and Wan, a young couple looking forward to their impending marriage . All that changes, however, when Wan is struck by a car and is brought to the hospital near death. When Jiab goes to a temple to pray, a mysterious monk tells him that in her past life, Wan murdered five people, and now is fated to die early in this life. To undo her bad karma and save her life, Jiab must even the balance by preventing five other people from being killed. The clock is now ticking, and Wan's life is slipping away....

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