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  1. The 2nd International Lao Studies Conference for May 3-6, 2007 at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. www.laostudies.org
  2. Grant Olson (Northern Illinois University) announces a new website: www.thaistudies.net They are hoping to offer new working papers (on a quarterly basis) and a forum for Thai scholars.
  3. International Conference on "Wisdom and Dynamism of Thai Language and Literature in the Global Context" Chulalongkorn University 10-12 November 2006. Arthid.S@Student.chula.ac.th
  4. "The Map and the World: Buddhism, Cosmology, Cartography, and GIS." University of California Riverside (Feb. 18th, 2006) and Bangkok, Thailand (June 22-23, 2006). justinm@ucr.edu

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